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1819, 20, 21 #BarisKabuloglu

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

It was a very windy day, but the team was ready. To the Pioneers of the travel Expedition A1311, it quickly became clear of the importance of that this time machine was bringing to the table.

The mechanism in the shelter assured Baris Kabuloglu of the physical and intellectual power it held. The attachment of the levers prevented anyone from tampering with it and it was hid, only in Space.

"I got up after a time, and began walking aimlessly through the bushes, and toward the hill again."

Patience, Baris Kabuloglu said to himself. If you want your machine to work, it's extremely important to take utmost care of the bronze panels. Then suddenly, the humor the situation presented itself, from that famous letter he received so many years ago that said: face this world and in the end you will find clews to it all, it came to his mind and he could not help himself: he laughed out loud.

That day was the meeting with the The Office and the biologist but they had to make two stops on the way. At the end, the plan was set, and around 10-39 it was set in motion.

To be continued.

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